Potential Evidence to Support your Auto Accident Claim

If you are a victim of an auto accident, it is essential to gather enough evidence to support your claim in order to get compensation for your damages in an auto accident case. Evidence is generally comprised of the witness statements, documents, reports, and video/pictures that support your story of the accident. It also helps in establishing how your life has been affected and why you deserve to receive compensation. The rule of thumb is: the more evidence you have to support your case, the better chances you are to get a verdict or settlement in your favor.

If you are filing an auto accident claim against the responsible party, you should know about the different types of evidence that can help you build a strong case and get maximum amount of compensation.

Medical Records

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) allows patients to get copies of their medical records to be used for legal or any other purposes. These documents comprise of detailed information about your injuries, along with the medical treatments and therapies you have received following your accident. For example, if you broke your arm or suffered from a whiplash injury, your medical records will have supporting evidence, like medical test results, prescriptions, physician’s notes, and others, that you suffered an injury. Your auto accident attorney will likely ask you to provide authorization to get these records from the medical provider’s office.

Police Report

If the local police were involved at the time of the accident, it is likely that they have recorded the circumstances of the scene and made a police report to document the facts of the incident. Typically, an initial police report does not provide enough substance that may be able to prove liability. However, it will have solid facts relating to the accident that you can use to support your case.

Lay and Expert Witnesses

A lay witness is a person who witnessed the accident at the time and location it took place. On the other hand, an expert witness is a person who has training and experience in a specified field and can be called an expert of a particular subject matter. Experts may include medical specialists, engineers, auto accident reconstructionists, economists, and others.

Getting recorded and written statements from each type of the witnesses can prove to be an invaluable piece of evidence. This is because they will be able to verify the facts, allowing you to increase the legitimacy of your case.

Videos and Pictures

Videos and pictures are helpful tools that allow you to document the accident scene from different angles, providing a clear picture of what happened and the damages you have sustained. After the accident, you must take pictures of the entire scene in a way that it shows your injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and other important aspects of your case. Moreover, some people use their mobile phones to record such events and share it on social media to tell their friends about their experiences. Ask any of the lay witnesses whether they have made a video or taken pictures.

Collecting evidence to support your auto accident claim can be a daunting task. It is advisable that you let an attorney handle this job as they know the best way to find the scattered pieces of evidence for your case. Contact Tom Riley Law Firm today to schedule an appointment with an experienced Iowa auto accident attorney and discuss your legal options.