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We charge no fees for an initial consultation in personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice cases, where fees are usually based on a percentage of recovery or contingent fee. In other cases, representation can be based on a contingent fee or hourly fee, depending on the type of case. Please contact our offices in Cedar Rapids, IA or Iowa City, IA or complete the online form to tell us about your potential case.

Why Should I Hire The Tom Riley Law Firm ?

At the Tom Riley Law Firm, we believe that knowledge, experience, and diligence lead to successful outcomes in any contested case, be it workers compensation or personal injury and wrongful death occurring outside the workplace, such as: car accidents, dram shop actions (where a bar or restaurant serves a customer to the point of legal intoxication), medical malpractice, defective products, construction accidents, premises liability (e.g., slip and falls based on failure to provide a safe place to walk or play), or any other type of preventable injury or death.

Our law firm consists of five partners and one associate, as well as a highly experienced support staff of paralegals, legal secretaries, and other necessary office personnel. The five partners have practiced together in this law firm for 20 to 35 years. While we very much enjoy the company and friendship of one another, more important to our clients is the fact that each of us values our partners’ knowledge and experience in the areas of personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and workers’ compensation. We know that our partners are accessible and knowledgeable sounding boards on numerous issues that can arise in the course of representing a client or advising a prospective client of the firm. The collective knowledge and experience of our colleagues in the firm on virtually any matter that might develop in the representation of a client is an invaluable resource that we do not hesitate to use throughout the representation of our clients, from the moment they visit our office until their case is resolved.

We are also especially proud of the fact that our legal secretaries, paralegals, and other support staff are extremely pleasant and talented in their own right. The fact that the ten of them have been with us an average of 22 years is a testament to their value to the law firm, in terms of both proficiency in their work and their attitude toward clients and co-workers. We know that they treat each of our clients as they themselves would want to be treated if they sought professional advice.

We believe that practicing law is a privilege, and that it should be regarded as such by those of us fortunate enough to have clients who entrust their cases to us. For that reason, you will receive prompt, personal attention on your case from our experienced attorneys and staff in the event that you decide to enlist our firm as your advocate throughout the rigors of litigation. We realize that while the law firm will have a number of clients at any one time, each client who seeks our professional services will ordinarily have but one case for us to handle at any one time. To that client, there is no other case but his or hers, and that is ever present in the mind of every lawyer and staff assistant at the Tom Riley Law Firm, as we undertake to fulfill our professional obligations to our clients. Accordingly, we will do whatever we can to achieve the best possible outcome for you, which is ordinarily full and fair compensation to persons injured on the job and to all other victims of preventable injury or death, without unnecessary delays.

Tom Riley Law Firm Attorneys

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